About Our Trainings

LGBT Life Center is proud to offer a variety of trainings and workshops for our community. Whether you’re a school, organization, business, government or a conference, we have seasoned presenters and customizable presentations for you.

Don’t see the training you’d like for your group? Request it and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

Information tables

The LGBT Life Center is also able to supply a resource and information table at your event! Simply use the form found here to request to have LGBT Life Center set up a resource and information table, so that we may discuss our various services as well as the work that we do in the local community. Options for HIV and/or STI testing are also available for select events that are able to supply the necessary space– reach out to us directly to learn more!


LGBT Life Center staff spend a considerable amount of time and effort making trainings comprehensive and keeping them up-to-date. Because of this, we ask organizations to support our work and time. Pricing varies based on the length of the presentation, the number of presenters needed to facilitate the training, and the size of the audience in attendance.

Training Duration Fee
60 minutes $275
90 minutes $400
2 hours $550

If a co‐facilitator is required or requested due to content, duration, or number of participants, an additional $75 will be added for each hour.

Non-profit organizations can request a $75 discount off their total training fee.

If your organization needs to request a fee waiver, please note that in the comments section on the form below.

Virtual Trainings

Do you have a team that’s working from home or just want the ease and flexibility of an online training? We’re thrilled to offer all of our workshops over webinar services like Zoom, Go To Meeting and Webex. Virtual presentations and trainings can offer increased convenience for you and your team, as well as a recording* of the meeting.

*Please note, recording of virtual presentations and/or trainings requires an additional recording fee of $55.00.

New Pricing Effective July 1, 2023


60 Minutes

90 Minutes

2 Hours

Tier 1




Base Presentation with Trainer

Tier 2




Tailored Presentation with Trainer

Tier 3




New Training / Presentation with Trainer

*An additional $55 fee will be charged if you would like the in-person training session recorded

*An additional $25 fee will be charged if you would like a virtual training session recorded

Which tier do I need?

Tier 1 is for individuals/organizations seeking materials that have already been created and have a trained consultant come in to provide materials and give training and answer any questions the audience may have.

Tier 2 is for individuals/ organizations looking for training materials the LGBT Life Center already has with the extra aspect of being tailored to your specific organization/ population you serve.

Tier 3 is for individuals/ organizations looking for a new training(s)/presentation(s) not already offered by the LGBT Life Center but fall under the realm of LGBTQIA+ politics, resources, etc. and seeking our expertise to custom make these materials.

*Discounts will be offered for non-profit organizations (35%)



Cultural Diversity

Audience: Everyone
Length: 1 hour

Our cultural diversity training offers a beginners overview of sexual orientation and gender identity as well as their social constructions (how and why we define these things in our society). This includes a discussion of homophobia, transphobia, and heterosexism.

  • There can be a follow up training that goes into more complex topics and expands on the topics covered in the first session. This can be a yearly renewable training.

Safer Spaces in Schools

Audience: School faculty/staff, education students, district administration
Length: 2 hours+

This training is intended for schools who wish to learn more about sexual orientation and the challenges facing LGBTQ+ youth, such as bullying. We’ll also cover how to create a safer and more supportive school environment for LGBTQ+ students.

  • Free safe space stickers upon completion of this training!

Training for GSA or Similar

Audience: Middle school, high school, or college clubs
Length: 2 hours

Our Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) training provides tools to support club members in being as successful as possible. This includes help with membership recruitment, retention, leadership development, and organizing.

Gender Identity

Audience: Everyone
Length: 1 hour

Our gender identity workshop provides a deeper look into what it means to be transgender or non-binary and how gender identity differs from sexual orientation. We will also discuss proper language when talking about transgender people or asking questions, myths and stereotypes, and ways to create safer spaces for transgender people.

USA Epidemiology of HIV

Audience: Everyone
Length: 2 hours

A 101 overview of the history of HIV (extent of details depending on the knowledge level of the group). This training also provides an understanding of how HIV has historically impacted the LGBT community in the United States. We will also go over stigma associated with HIV and AIDS and how activism has helped shape the treatment, care and prevention landscapes of today. Additionally, we will address health care services that are out there for those who are positive and prevention methods for those at risk.

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