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What is it all about?

LIFE is a program for young black males between the ages of 16-29 that have sex with other men. This program is not concerned with what you label yourself as (gay, bi, DL,). LIFE is focused on helping young men who have sex with other men have safe and healthy relationships, and experience personal growth.

LIFE’s purpose is to deliver prevention that accounts for a young man’s physical health, but also his mental, spiritual, social, environment and emotional health. LIFE seeks to build a community of young men that can lead the fight against HIV for the next generation coming of age. Mentoring young men who are having sexual relationships with other men is an important element of what we do and our purpose. Imagine the difference for a young teen to be able to talk to an older peer about his feelings, fears, and behaviors, instead of feeling isolated because of his sexual attraction to other men.

LIFE also seeks to include young men who are HIV+ in our community. We believe that young men living with HIV should be defined by their character and not a disease. You don’t have to disclose your HIV status to others to participate in LIFE activities, but if you feel you need someone to be there for you or a support system, LIFE can offer you one. We also have a staff member dedicated to helping you with all the issues that young men with HIV face, such as disclosure, stigma, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

LIFE’s vision is to:

  • Encourage young black men to protect themselves and always practice safer sex to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • Encourage young black men to be comfortable with being gay or bi or being HIV+ and to know that it’s ok to be who you are.
  • Encourage the discussion of safer sex and HIV prevention as a regular thing in the community.


We offer a wide variety of programs and services for those in the LGBTQ+ and HIV communities (whether you’re LGBTQ or straight). Some programming has eligibility requirements but many are free and for everyone.

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HIV Testing

As young black gay/bisexual men, it is extremely important for HIV testing to be a normal part of our health care. Since it’s very simple and fast to get an HIV test now, we should all be aware of our HIV status. In less than 30 minutes, you meet with a testing counselor, have a single drop of blood taken with a finger stick, receive counseling regarding your risks, and discuss your results.

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Perspectives on practicing safe sex behaviors + preventing the spread of HIV.

“Being told a few years ago that I was HIV-positive was a shock to me.”

“I already take preservatives, I don’t need any additives!”

“Sometimes being in the moment when things feel so right and you love the person–or you think you do–causes slip-ups.”

“This is a reaction of two people. I put myself in this predicament and the HIV test will either be positive or negative.”

“I needed to immerse myself in understanding HIV because i couldn’t run away from it now that I was HIV positive.”

“I ran to my mom and said, ‘I think I have it. I can’t believe I did this to myself!’”

“Can I take a pill every day to prevent HIV?”

“The 5 seconds it takes to put on a condom doesn’t compare to the lifetime of, ‘Oh, I wish I had done that!’”

“I felt back there and realized he didn’t have a condom on and I was like, ‘OMG!’ My heart dropped.”

“I just don’t like the thought of being unprotected during sex because anything can happen.”

“Yes, I admit I was promiscuous but now I realize the importance of using a condom all the time.”

“I heard about this drug called PrEP millions of times on Facebook, at brunch with other Black, gay, and Latino men, and by word of mouth.”

“Now I play it safe and use condoms.”

“I don’t trust men, I trust condoms.”

“I felt I could have unprotected sex since I was only sleeping with this one person.”

“At that moment in time, I had a choice to go get tested for HIV or be apathetic and in denial all my life.”

“I once thought I had HIV but when I found out I didn’t, I knew I had to take this stuff seriously.”

“Sometimes when you’re young and naive, you believe contracting HIV or an STD would ‘never happen to me.’”

“In the past, I would only use condoms sometimes because it was not that important to me.”

“I think most guys I know would prefer not to use a condom but I also think most know it’s important to.”

Get Involved. LIFE Needs You!

Are you a gay/bisexual African American male between the ages of 16-29? LIFE is always looking to hear stories on how community role models are stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS. Peer advocates are also recruited to distribute these stories and spread the word about the program.

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Live free. Wear a condom.

Your condom style is a freedom that allows you to be the unique you. What’s your style and how do you rock it out? Ribbed? Ultra-sensitive? Snug fit? Tuxedo? Magnum? Regardless of your style, remember that any style is better than no style. Latex condoms are 98% effective against the transmission of HIV and other STIs when used consistently and correctly. Reduce your risk and join the #ilivefree movement!

FREE condoms are also available at the LGBT Life Center!

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Inspiring Stories

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national HIV awareness and anti-stigma campaign features stories of individuals living with HIV and the steps they’re taking to encourage others. In this story, singer Jamar Rogers discusses fighting stigma with the strong support of his mom, Danielle.

This is a the inspiring story of two young men, David Harris + Tre’Darrius Anderson, who want to promote gay marriage and human equality through social media.

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Life757 Team

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Need more info?

There are agency and informational resources throughout Hampton Roads available for those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Please see the following websites or service agencies for additional assistance.