Providing Quality Food for Everyone

LGBT Life Center offers frozen, ready-made meals, pantry assistance (like proteins, canned goods, and dry goods), and quality produce to help end hunger in our community.

HOURS: Monday – Friday from 10am – 4pm

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Froze Meals from LGBT Life Center

Pride Pantry

Our Pride Pantry offers assistance for ANYONE in need, regardless of income. No eligibility required.*

*While supplies last on a first-come, first-serve basis.*

For more information, contact Williow Gibbons at or 757-640-0929.

USDA Food Program

In addition to our Pride Pantry, we also have a USDA Food Program. This program provides monthly pantry support on an ongoing basis. Self-reported income and household size are used to determine eligibility.

Once you qualify, USDA food can be picked up on Thursdays from 10am – 3pm. Those eligible get 1 food pickup per month, while supplies last.

USDA Eligibility

Our USDA food program uses self-reported income and household size to determine eligibility. This is in addition to the food our Pride Pantry food. You do not need to qualify for the USDA program to receive food from the Pride Pantry.

Eligibility guidelines:

Family Size Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Annual
1 $454 $908 $1,968 $23,606
2 $614 $1,227 $2,658 $31,894
3 $773 $1,546 $3,349 $40,182
4 $933 $1,865 $4,040 $48,470
5 $1,092 $2,183 $4,730 $56,758
6 $1,251 $2,502 $5,421 $65,046
7 $1,411 $2,821 $6,112 $73,334
8 $1,570 $3,140 $6,802 $81,662