Our 20th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

LGBT Life Center offers Thanksgiving Baskets to clients and anyone in need of additional pantry support for Thanksgiving.

Last year, we fed 294 families in Hampton Roads!

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The Need is Growing

Our Pride Pantry offers support all year long and has seen a growing need:

12,277 pounds of food
959 households/1,269 individuals

32,656 pounds of food
1,186 households/2,109 individuals

59,539 pounds of food
1,511 households
2,593 individuals

Why Give

Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve seen an exponential increase in need for pantry support. Unemployment, rising costs, safety concerns, and many other economic conditions have put a strain on area families. The numbers below represent a real need for folks to put food on their tables, who are increasingly turning to community-based organizations to meet their basic needs.

LGBT Life Center’s Pride Pantry distribution:

12,277 lbs. of food to 959 households/1,269 individuals
32,656 lbs. of food to 1,186 households/2,109 individuals
59,539 lbs. of food to 1,511 households/2,593 individuals

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