Getting tested is easier than you think.

The LGBT Life Center offers free screenings at all of our locations. We test for the following STDs:

HIVHepatitis C, + Syphilis

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HIV Services

We provide those living with HIV/AIDS, and their families, access to essential benefits and social services so they can manage their health and live their lives.

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Mental Health

Talk to a counselor with years of professional and personal experience. Someone familiar with the issues LGBTQ+ people face. Someone who gets it.

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We’re here for you.

Whether you need support coming out, exploring your sexual orientation and gender identity, or to simply connect with others who share similar concerns.

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Life Health Programs

Our prevention programs conduct outreach activities throughout Hampton Roads to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS. By providing services and education, we aim to keep those who are currently HIV- negative, negative in the future.

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