Volunteer with Dining Out For Life

A Reimagined Dining Out For Life
Dining Out For Life is one of our signature events at LGBT Life Center. Traditionally, the restaurants that participate give 25% or more of the night’s proceeds and nearly 150 volunteers come together to act as restaurant ambassadors – inviting their friends, family, and networks to dine out.

LGBT Life Center recognizes that COVID-19 has hit the restaurant industry hard, and we would not feel like good community partners if we asked them to donate their night’s proceeds to us. Instead, we are turning the tables and asking our Dining Out For Life supporters to stand in solidarity with our local food scene and the thousands of people they employ by dining out or taking out at their favorite participating restaurant on April 29, 2021. All donations will be waived for any restaurant that has participated in Dining Out For Life since we began 17 years ago.

New Volunteer Opportunities
Since Dining Out For Life will look different, so will our volunteer opportunities. Please read the descriptions below and use the volunteer form to select an opportunity that suits your interests.

2021 Volunteer Opportunities

Restaurant Recruiter
It takes a team of people to help us add restaurants to our Dining Out For Life family. We’re looking for people that are happy to email, call and show up to restaurants to ask them to participate in Dining Out For Life. Or, if you already have a connection to a restaurant and can help get them on board or connect us, please select this option and let us know.

Restaurant Runner
When restaurants come on board, we need help getting materials to them. If you’re willing to pick up materials from our office and deliver them to a restaurant this is the job for you!

No fancy camera skills needed here (but if you have them, cool). If you’re good with your smartphone and enjoy shooting a short video, we’re looking for you. These volunteers will go to a restaurant and film a chef or bartender doing their magic to help us with online video promotions.

Virtual Ambassador
Normally, we ask ambassadors to host a restaurant, but this year we’re asking our ambassadors to use their amazing social media networks to promote the event and support our restaurant industry. This can be done anytime from the comfort of your own home. We’ll even send you a social media toolkit with images and language you can post or modify.

DOFL Volunteer Application

Tell us about which DOFL volunteer opportunities interest you and we’ll connect you with our event staff. In the meantime, if you have questions please reach out to Contact Casey Butler at cbutler@lgbtlifecenter.org.

Examples: he/him, she/her, they/them, ze/zee. To learn more visit lgbtlifecenter.org/pronouns/
We have opportunities to volunteer for every level of comfort
You may select more than one
If you selected "Virtual Ambassador" only, these hours are not necessary
OATH OF CONFIDENTIALITY I hereby confirm and agree that all records & communications, written and verbal, direct and indirect, received by me as a volunteer, employee, or client of LGBT Life Center, a Virginia charitable organization, are strictly and absolutely confidential. I agree not to divulge any such information at any time to any unauthorized persons. Authorized persons include current employees of LGBT Life Center, current trustees of LGBT Life Center. I understand that I may be held personally responsible for any violation of this oath and that my liability may include payment of damages and other penalties as provided by local, state and federal law. In addition, I hereby agree to abide by and uphold the written policies, office procedures, and verbal directives of LGBT Life Center, as set out by LGBT Life Center's staff and trustees. I assume this obligation of confidentiality now and forever,