Become a Dining Out For Life Ambassador

Dine Out. End HIV. Advocate.

Dining Out For Life (DOFL) is one of our signature events at the LGBT Life Center and returns on May 12, 2022! Each year, dozens of participating locations give a generous portion of their proceeds from Dining Out For Life day to support the center, our programming, and most importantly, our community. Restaurants give anywhere from 25% – 100% of the night’s proceeds as over 100 volunteers come together as Ambassadors to advocate for our mission and bring their family, friends, and networks to the dining table.

Questions about volunteering? Contact Casey Butler for more information. Interested in signing up? Fill out the form below! 

Get Involved!

Dining Out For Life offers a little something for everyone and our volunteering opportunities are no different. We offer several types of volunteering opportunities for Dining Out For Life! All volunteers will receive access to a social media toolkit with some images and language to help share the word. All volunteers may be asked to participate in a training session ahead of the event.

Pre-Event Set-Up – It takes a team of people to help us with the logistics of Dining Out For Life. We’re looking for people that are happy to email, call, and engage with restaurants to ask them to participate in the event.

Restaurant Runner – When restaurants come on board, we need help getting materials to them. If you’re willing to pick up materials from our office and deliver them to a restaurant, this is a great opportunity for you! In addition, we may need Restaurant Runners the night of the event to run extra materials to Ambassadors and Restaurants and to provide general support.

Ambassadors – Ambassadors are the bread and butter of Dining Out For Life. Each restaurant receives a volunteer Ambassador that helps bring their friends, family, and networks to the restaurant on DOFL Day. Ambassadors are also representatives for the LGBT Life Center – so if you are someone that loves to advocate for the mission, this is a great opportunity that promotes the mission and helps educate, destigmatize, and support our community.

DOFL Volunteer Application

Tell us about which DOFL volunteer opportunities interest you and we’ll connect you with our event staff. In the meantime, if you have questions please reach out to Contact Casey Butler at

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