Treatment Works

Having an undetectable viral status means there is a very little amount of the virus in your blood and that the virus cannot be transmitted sexually. The science is clear and backed up by several clinical studies that followed tens of thousands of condomless sex acts for over a decade.

Undetectable status protects your health and the health of your partners by reducing the amount of virus in your system, effectively eliminating the risk of transmission.

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How We Can Help:

If you’ve been out of care (not seeing doctors or taking your meds), we’ll help get you back on track and work torwards an undetectable viral status. 

We offer:

  • Case management (someone to help)
  • Medical transportation
  • Housing
  • Food & nutrition
  • An HIV specialty doctor and clinic
  • Mental health services (counselors/therapy)
  • Support groups (including one on one support not in a group setting)
  • and more!

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