Lifting up our community

The work we do at LGBT Life Center can be a life line in someone’s life, and in some cases it is lifesaving and forever changing. From the seemingly little things like dropping off frozen meals from our pantry to being a stabilizing force of a client in their home to the peace of mind in our testing services; we help people take control of their health and well-being. We’re proud to play a role in improving our community.

How can you help?

In an effort to help tell others who we are, know how we’re doing, and to improve our programs and services, we’d love to hear about the positive experiences you’ve had – stories about how we’ve helped someone get from A to B. These stories inspire volunteers, donors, funders, and community members to support our mission through their time, talents, and treasure.

We are looking for stories from 2020/2021; however, if you’ve been working with us for long time, we want to hear about the JOURNEY and where you are now! 

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Care is LIFE

Affirming support transformed Yum-Yum’s life, helping him feel connected to his community; housing helped Tatiana find strength and stability; and Greg found education and a non-judgmental environment to grow from after his HIV+ diagnosis and car accident that left him without his legs.

We’re proud of the resilience and strength of our community and staff, and we’re proud to offer affirming support, vital access to health and wellness, and transformative education.

Thank you to Yum-Yum, Tatiana, and Greg for sharing stories about their experiences with LGBT Life Center.

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